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What is it?

  • The Teddy Talk Test is a simple, fun, play based activity that can be used to check whether or not an English speaking child of five years old or under is on track with their speech and language development.


  • Where a child is learning English as an additional language it can also be used as an indicator of their progress with English over time.



What's in the bag?

  • The Teddy Talk Test consists of:                                                          

    • 1 durable wipe clean drawstring bag 

    • An A5 36-page instruction booklet

    • 8 familiar objects

    • 6 A6 action pictures

    • 6 A5 'Talk-about' pictures

    • 1 photocopiable A4 Record Form & Summary Sheet (four pages) 

  • The items have been carefully chosen to be familiar and interesting enough to engage young children, but not so interesting as to distract them!

  • The objects have also been chosen for their phonemic value i.e. what speech sounds are used to name them. How children say the words and sounds will provide useful information about their speech sound development.

  • The pictures have been created to appeal to young children from a range of ethnic backgrounds and to provide plenty of opportunity for evaluating vocabulary and the ability to construct simple sentences.

  • If the child is found to be delayed in their understanding of adult language, their ability to use words and sentences or if speech is difficult to understand, the booklet has plenty of information to help identify just how far behind they are, possible actions to be taken and whether a referral to a Speech and Language Therapist is needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Careful consideration has been given to the safety of the items that make up the Teddy Talk Test. However, it is an assessment and not a toy and children MUST NOT be left to play with the Teddy Talk Test unsupervised.

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