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Adult Students

Speech Therapy Students/Newly Qualified Speech and Language Therapists (NQSLTs)

  • As an SLT student or a newly qualified therapist, being able to establish a basic understanding of a child’s communication skills is imperative.

  • Whether you’re on placement or you’re meeting a child who has been transferred to your caseload for the first time, the Teddy Talk Test is a brilliant tool if you’re just looking for a place to start.

  • Once you’ve read and digested the instruction booklet the test is simple and easy to administer. It is a one stop shop to cover all the bases: receptive language, expressive language, communication and speech.

The booklet breaks developmental norms down into 6 month age brackets, giving you information about what you should expect of children e.g. between 2;6 and 3yrs. The developmental norms information in the Teddy Talk Test booklet can also be useful as a reference text when studying early language development.

  • The Teddy Talk Test is based on the concept of Key Word Levels (also referred to as Information Carrying Words). This is a concept also used by the Derbyshire Language Scheme and is widely accepted in the SLT field. Please see our Theory into practice page for further details.

  • If you have made reference to information in the Teddy Talk Test Instruction Book within an essay or assignment, please use the academic reference below.​

Darters, J. (2020). Teddy Talk Test: Instruction Booklet. Unpublished, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Early Childhood Studies/Childcare Students

  • An essential aspect of any child development course is the study of speech and language acquisition during early childhood.

  • The Teddy Talk Test is based on Key Word Levels, providing a perfect learning opportunity when looking at the theory behind language development and what to expect of a child at any given age.

  • The instruction booklet that comes with the Teddy Talk Test provides developmental norms for children at 6 month intervals, making it an excellent reference text for students looking for speech and language norms for a child they are studying or caring for e.g. for Charlie who is 2 years and 8 months old you would look up the norms page in the booklet for children between 2 years 6 months and 3 years old.

  • Teddy Talk Test Training, which is taught by Specialist Speech and Language Therapists, uses the Teddy Talk Test as a basis to teach students:

    • The difference between expressive language, receptive language and speech

    • Developmental norms in the early years

    • How to check a child’s language skills using a key word level assessment 

    • When to refer to a Speech Therapist

  • If you are a tutor who is interested in this training for your students, please visit out Training Page or Contact Us to discuss your student’s needs.  

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