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Family Support Workers

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"There is compelling research and evidence to suggest that early identification and intervention is critical for children                  experiencing difficulties with communication in the early years. Intervening early offers these children the best opportunity      to develop their skills prior to school entry and achieve their potential, both socially and educationally."

Family Support Workers tell us that they find the Teddy Talk Test is great for supporting parents and children. It is a useful extra 'tool' to take on home visits and the activities are playful and engaging. Parents and carers report that observing their child doing the activities helps them to gain an insight into their children's communication difficulties. 

By repeating the Teddy Talk Test at intervals, the child's progress can be tracked. This helps in evaluating the success of any interventions and recommendations made, which in turn helps with setting new learning priorities. It also provides a concise way to report progress to co professionals.


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