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Parent and carers


As parents/carers, it’s hard not to compare our child’s development with that of others. However children vary so much in terms of when they reach certain milestones that it’s hard to know what’s ‘normal’.

If at 2 years of age your toddler isn’t saying any clear words yet, should you be concerned? If at 3 years only you can understand what they are saying, is this a problem?

If you have concerns about your child’s communication development, we would always recommend that you seek the advice of your Health Visitor or local Speech and Language Therapy team.

However, if this support is not available to you or if you're interested in tracking your child's speech and language development, you may find the Teddy Talk Test helps you to plot how they're progressing. 


If you are a Child Minder who is concerned about the speech and language development of a child in your care, then you may find the Teddy Talk Test helps you to plot how they're progressing.


This will then enable you to identify whether additional support should be sought and will help you to speak to the child's parents if (according to the assessment) there is any cause for concern. 

Please also see our page for Early Years Practitioners.

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